REVIEW: Eugene Erickson - "Stars Falling From Heaven"

By Christopher Eissing

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Stars Falling From HeavenSalad bar, meat, potatoes, gravy, dessert. Most artists and songs try to put all on the same plate to satisfy all the different senses and appetites with their layering of percussion, bass, guitars, keyboard, strings, et al. Eugene Erickson has stripped the musical experience down to its essentials with Stars Falling From Heaven. Comprised almost exclusively of a simple interplay of rhythm and lead guitar, Erickson has created a sweet and air compilation.

Creating the feel of Pink Floyd's subtler instrumental moments, this album allows a delicate emotionality to shine through. The different tonalities and feels that rhythmic electric guitar can elicit, along with its under-played lead melodies, hold the album together. Use of incidental sounds from under whelming uses of noise and tremolo, along with occasional sound clips and the rare spoken voice, give it enough variety to escape being a riff reel.

Strong for its subtlety and guitar variety it is best suited for a sunny Sunday morning and not a late Saturday night. Its mistakes are few. Fewer than one would expect from what sounds, at times, like one-take-and-out improvisation along mellow lines. With 10 songs it still clocks in a little under the length of a full album, but no song lasts long enough to become too repetitive or boring.

Put the CD on repeat and you might not recognize when the last song ends and the first begins again. That is due to its relaxing, almost hypnotic ambiance, not boring repetitive rehashing. A great first round album for a DIY artist. Working in the same mode with similar artists will only help Erickson mature and improve an already great feel for melodic and delicate tones.

Contact Information:
Post: Eugene Erickson, 331 Heywood Street, Columbia, SC, 29201
Phone: (803) 933-0475

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