REVIEW: Grigori3 - Demo

By J. 'Hirez' H-R

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Bunch of things: Any band who stamp 'You WILL listen' on the CD is asking for it to be sent back with a load of holes drilled in it and an accompanying note which reads 'No, I don't believe I shall.' On the other hand, if they're enterprising enough to steal the anvil-snare sample from Zodiac Mindwarp's Prime Mover(*) then there's maybe a good chance there's something here worth listening to.

Grigori3 (for they are the band in question) appear to hail from the Chicagoland area. One is bound to wonder if there are three of them (like the sadly missed Three Johns) or if it's closer to some kind of 3Mustaphas3 deal, where a veritable mob invade the stage and saw away on a variety of instruments under the benevolent gaze of Uncle Patrel.

So, what can we say about the two tracks on this CD? Solid goth-metal with interestingly twiddly keyboards and scarywoman vocals. Is it any good? Yes.

If you'd been paying attention, you might be under the impression that I can't be doing with 'goth' music in general and I'm about to wade in and give out a kicking. Well, wrong. I rather care for both Sunshine Blind and Battery and while any similarities will be no doubt denied by all parties, they're there if you've a mind to spot them. Wildly crunchy guitars for one - because I discovered Gang of Four early on, there are few things (musically, anyway) I like better than listening to someone wrench great chunky handfuls of transistor-distorted riffage from a guitar. Though said riffage is probably closer to Rammstein or Milennium-era Killing Joke.

Soaring female vocals are also Very Good Things. Especially when they slide off-key (on purpose). There are (musically, again) few worse things than listening to someone getting the pitch nearly right. It can be toe-curlingly bad enough to drive a chap from a club or gig and go listen to something unwholesome like the crunch and slap of road-accidents instead...and all the hair on the back of your neck stands up.

Incidentally, the only bloke to get away with that sort of thing is John Lydon on No Feelings. Make of that what you will. A small brass and leather popemobile, most likely.

(*) The band informs me that, contrary to J's belief, this is not sampled but recorded.

Contact Information:
Post: Drew Turnbaugh, Skrim Productions, 627 South Hale, Suite 2, Wheaton, IL, 60187
Phone: (630) 653-5387

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