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By Grave

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Medication are made up of names most in the metal scene will already be familiar with. Formed by Logan Mader (Machine Head/Soulfly) and Whitfield Crane (Life of Agony/Ugly Kid Joe) after meeting up and becoming close friends at the 1998 Ozzfest, together with B-Blunt (Adayinthelife), Kyle Sanders (Piece Dogs) and Roy Mayorga (Soulfly/Ozzy Ozbourne). Couple that seemingly thrash metal orientated lineup with production via the honed skills of Bill Kennedy, who has worked on bands such as NiN, Monster Magnet and Sepultura, one wonders if this may just turn out to be a bone crunching, metal grinding beast of an album. As it turned out, one's prediction was so far of the mark, one didn't even get the genre right.

Medication are not a hardcore band. The side door category that's somewhere in the middle of Rock & Metal (you know the ones that angry indie bands fall into?) seem to be the general area we're in with this assembled motley crue (no pun intended). Think Alice in Chains (another band Bill Kennedy has worked with). Think a harsher version of the Seattle grunge scene just a few years too late. However, all that being said, it doesn't necessarily make for a bad thing. There is an energy in there and, dare I say it, a kind of commercial angst. If not quite angry, then at least slightly vexed.

Already the band have had a few live dates under their belt including gigs on the LA. circuit and a series of low-key dates around Europe during the tail end of last year. With the release of the EP, Medication are already planning out their first full length album and a series of worldwide dates for the summer of 2002.

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