REVIEW: Mephisto Walz - "Nightingale"

By Mike Ventarola

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NightingaleMephisto Walz expanded their home studio for the need and ease to create music in a more focused manner. In between assisting other bands with an assortment of projects, which the rest of the world is not readily aware of, Bari and Christiana penned a delightful opus of poetic splendor. This is an extended single with a very limited pressing. Some may have noticed that this track is available on as well, but to be sure it isn't the entire version that is available from Fossil Dungeon and no where near the quality of the actual release.

The Fossil Dungeon is a relatively new dark music label run and operated by Michael Riddick of The Soil Bleeds Black fame. This single is in its first run of only 300 copies making it exceedingly rare and a must have for the hardcore fans. The packaging is in an oversized flat card covering, a style and design that is unique to The Fossil Dungeon, which is so convenient and easy for storage that one would hope that this would catch on with the rest of the music industry. The cover model, the black winged Hellbelle, simply ignites this cover that one can only hope that her career as a model continues to increase.

In the traditional Goth sense, Mephisto Walz simply created a delightfully dark tune full of the rich guitar chords that Bari is famous for as well as the dulcet vocals of Christiana. The chorus alone is worth the purchase price simply because it has such a great hook that will not vacate your head once you hear it.

It is not too often that one is able to obtain a single release from a goth band, thus making them that much more desired and highly collectable. When discussing bands of the stature of Mephisto Walz it makes it even more appealing simply because they are one of the bedrocks within the goth underground. With so much electronic wizardry encroaching the clubs these days, Mephisto Walz helps to firm our resolve about why we fell in love with goth music in the first place. Delicious, dark atmospheres, steady drums, sonorous vocals all wrapped around delightful minor guitar chords and a deep bass that is unlike anything else in the music world. Music, one might add, that is not created via a pushbutton but through dedicated talent and hard work with real instruments.

Do seek out this very limited and rare pressing if you are a fan of Mephisto Walz as it won't be around forever and is not something you wouldn't want to have 10 years from now.

Contact Information:
Post: The Fossil Dungeon, Michael Riddick, 43796 Tattinger Terrace, Ashburn, VA, 20148

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