The Mean Little Column - "And Saturday Nights are Safe Again"

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The Mean Little ManWell, Will Ferrell is leaving Saturday night live. Now if we can only get Belushi to spawn from the dead and give Chris Kattan the righteous repeated braining with a monkey wrench he so richly deserves life would be as neat as Christmas.

SNL is definitely the spawn of the Baby-Boom generation. Like they invented counter-culture. Ha! SNL's fall from grace, or should I say its death spasms of the paraplegic swimmer since Murphy and Piscopo left, are indicative of the aging generation that sought to keep itself young by dictating pop culture and the ensuing counterculture. But I digress.

Its bad enough that SNL has gone from anti-authoritative weekly messenger of cynicism to the advertising whore-machine its become, but do we have to deal with annoying, flat skits put on by even more vapid, unimaginative players? Could Adam Sandler ever deviate from the one-trick poney of doing this-Man and that-boy?

And Will Ferrell, of all of them, has to be the worst. The poor man's Phil Hartman. Except the boy goes over the top every time restraint would be funny. And every time he should get a little zany he looks like a mongoloid who's cue cards are written in Braille, too preoccupied with trying to untangle his nuts using the Jedi Mind trick. The boy has the range of a daisy air rifle.

Will SNL get better? Hell no. Its comedy by committee. Can't offend the censors. Can't push the envelope. But I think this is more indicative of a bigger problem. There is no longer a counter culture. All things have become acceptable. What cause or movement out there isn't an MTV special or a concert sponsored by Budweiser? No matter how weird you can be, there's a pop-star waiting to swallow up that look for a beer commercial. Make a name for yourself fighting the system and soon you will be its poster-boy.

Ice-Cube fronting for St. Ide's Malt liquor? That sounds one step below being a spokesperson for Old Man Whitey's Watermelon Farm. How about Spike Lee? Mr. Conscience of black America? How about you do another Nike commercial so those that respect you can by shoes that are the stereoypical footwear of the angry black man, shoes so over priced that people have killed each other for them.

But then again, it started with Yoko Ono whoring out every Lennon tune she could sink her screeching claws into so that 50 year old baby boomers will be able to recapture the summer of love flying Luftansa. Hey Yoko! Why don't you throw a couple dimes Julian's way! You know, the first son of the man you loved so much? But again, I digress.

SNL is just one more tired show. Alienated from being funny by its own success. Selecting its players from a myriad of people already with their foot in the door of success, chosen for their looks and niche and their potential to spawn movies.

What character has Ferrell ever done that'll be a movie? Doesn't matter. Most Hollywood execs forget Hartman is dead and just continually cast "the big white guy from SNL." I miss Phil.

In a perfect world Ferrel would have uttered these fateful words, and not Hartman. "Honey, I know you have a problem with being psychotic, and that your medication has worn off. Since you're surly and drunk I want you to know that I've forgotten to lock the gun cabinet, and, well, I'm leaving you. I'll be gone right after I take a nap."

Hugs and smooches,
The Mean Little Man

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