REVIEW: Pihr - "Reborn"

By John Eich

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RebornPihr started out 3-4 years ago as Fluid Power Society. After releasing 3 albums together, the band decided to go separate ways...that is except for Natasha Blanco-Dominguez and Paul Broome. They got together and decided to collaborate on a new project called Pihr and I must say I am impressed with the outcome.

Natasha was born and raised in Royal Learnington Spa, Warwikshire, England and Paul was born and raised in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England. Both have fairly extensive experience in the music industry, especially Paul having four previous bands under his belt. Natasha has a captivating voice that just pulls you in and it shines on several tracks on this CD. Paul uses a quite different vocal route, using a lot of spoken word throughout the CD.

Reborn starts out with Adventurous, a dancy, bass heavy track that is very short lived clocking in at around a minute. I was disappointed when I first heard it because I believed this to be yet another dancefloor oriented CD. Being a DJ I shouldn't have been, but I do have quite a few and was in the mood for something different. Now that I am done rambling, I was WAY wrong about this CD. Broken Promises, comes in next and this is where Natasha caught me off guard. Beautiful angelic voice. The one thing I can only complain about is the cd needed a bit more keyboard in the forefront to create the ambience that Natasha's voice could easily mix in with.

Next up we have Dark Winter with Paul taking the helm at the vocals. He does an excellent job and this is a slightly dancy track, but it loses it. Paul's voice and Natasha's voice do not mix well at all on this track. I would consider this track as only "ok" and not one of the better ones on the CD. Empty Paper starts off with a soft violin playing and a nice beat in the background to compliment it. Natasha again sounds great, as if this track was written explicitly around her voice. Coming to Get You is a dancey track that I could see going into my rotation. Here Paul and Natasha's voice come together well. The beat is dark, almost Depeche Mode like. I really like this track. So far the CD has impressed me for a debut and even though the production isn't great, I am enjoying it.

Chocolate, Candles & Lamentations is the 6th track. This track is pure sadness. Natasha's voice, the music, it put me in a state of feeling great and feeling totally depressed at the same time. I played this track over and over again. This is definitely my pick of the CD. Cry Baby starts next. I don't like this track at all. Talk about RIPPING you out of a good feeling!

Reborn goes on for eight more tracks. I'm not even going to review them and I'll tell you why now. Up until this point Pihr had a very, very well put together CD. After Cry Baby it all went to hell. Every song sounded the same to me; dancy beats that mix up into slow beats and back and forth through every song. If you ask me, Pihr should have stuck to 6 songs on this CD, ending with Chocolate, Candles & Lamentations. Instead it sounded like they threw together a bunch of songs they had laying around just to get all they had out there and it didn't work very well.

Overall, I enjoyed the CD, but a lot of songs will be on skip when I listen to it. Get the CD just to hear Natasha shine on the tracks mentioned, it is worth it. But don't expect much from the rest of the CD.

Contact Information:
Post: Pihr, 51 Gold Close, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV11 4XZ, UK
Phone: 024 7634 9813

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