REVIEW: Recant - Demo

By John Eich

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RecantThis CD was a tough one to review personally, but I haven't let that stop me yet. I'm not too familiar with the experimental noise genre at all. Recant is made up of two people, Brian and David. Meeting each other through Brian's girlfriend Brittny, they started discussing music and realized they had very similar tastes. Thus, Recant was born. Neither Brian or David are newcomers to music, both being in bands before. Brian has two other bands that he is in, his solo work under the name Xylem and the band Origami Recyklika. David also plays guitar for the band Diym.

This CD took me quite a few spins to get into, but after I did I liked it. To me it is the style of music you would throw on the CD player when your in a just-plain-pissed-off mood. The CD is shortlived though, being that it is only a four song demo. Consisting of tracks Gandharvas, Internat, Solecism, and Experiment, this demo is a BLOW to the eardrums from the start. Multiple clangs, crashes, metal scraping, guitar riffs and every other noise you can think of, it is kind of hard to go through each song without giving you the same review over and over again.

Stating everything from any keyboard, an Ibanez AX series 7-string, McCrea clarinet, fruity loops, a circuit bent sesame street computer and every damn thing they've come across from buses to batteries as equipment used, you can only imagine the total assault on your ears that this CD produces. Abrasive noises combined with a barrage of industrial, noise and extreme electronic music makes this CD VERY different from anything I have ever heard.

This is a unique CD with a unique sound to it, and I can only expect more aural assault from Recant in the future. This CD DID grow on me though and I would be willing to look for anything else put out by Recant in the future. Overall I would say it is very different, but if you are into experimental noise, or just looking for something harsh to listen to and like to venture into uncharted territories, I would say contact Recant and get this CD. You won't be disappointed. If that's not for you then you're missing out on a helluva ride. I hope to hear more from these two in the future.

Contact Information:
Post: Recant, 520 F St., Ramona, CA, 92065

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