REVIEW: The Sins - Demo

By Pat Hawkes-Reed (GothPat)

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The SinsAround since early 2001 and a regular visitor to many clubs in the Pacific Northwest, The Sins have garnered many favourable reviews for their live stage performances. Their influences are the trad-goth guitar-driven bands of the 80's (Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim and The Mission) and it shows. Of course, being a fan of those bands made me more inclined to like them...and I did.

Having live drums and a violinist are a huge plus-they give the songs a punch and melody a lot of bands with the same influences don't have. I wasn't 100% sold on the vocals, but it is quite refreshing to hear a trad-goth influenced band NOT having the clichéd vocals so many try for (a la Carl McCoy & Von E).

This is a 5-song EP...a full album is promised for the future. Ecstasy in Oblivion and Pain both have a Middle-Eastern feel to them which reminds me of the chiming guitar sound of Simon Hinkler in the late-80's Mission. Angels is a dancefloor filler full stop. The excellent meshing of the bass and drums shows the jazz training of the musicians yet the song keeps a rock feel to it.

I liked this EP a lot, though I think the production values can be improved on a bit. I would love to see them live to get the full effect of the meshing of all the bits that make this band interesting. I am looking forward to hearing more from The Sins.

Contact Information:
Phone: (206) 947-SINS

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