REVIEW: V - "Shadows"

By John Eich

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When I recieved this CD, I really wasn't quite sure of what to expect. I read the band name, V, the CD name, Shadows, and immediately thought to myself, "Oh no, not another boring, cheezy band running around playing Vampyre!" Well I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. With my previous thoughts, I grabbed a beer and sat down to see if V would prove me wrong.

From the opening track, Price of Forever, I knew I was going to enjoy this CD. Opening up with a moody acoustic guitar, Christian Brak's voice then kicks in. Christian has an awesome vocal delivery that just pulls you in from the very beginning. Christian is the lead guitarist and you can hear his country music background on the guitar as he digs right into your soul with it. Outstanding opening track.

Track two, Cry for Me No More, is an absolutely depressing track. I really found myself blissing out to it, even while attempting to write this review. Christian really tugs at your emotions on this one. Lines such as, "The flame of life is dying, Another season gone..." juxtaposed against the weeping guitar riffs will really send you spiraling downwards as you conjure up memories of when everything was better, and of ex's you still can't stop thinking about.

The Hunt is an instrumental track that shows a different element of the band shining through. Beginning with who I believe to be Christian emitting a loud moan, the track then moves on into some jamming electric guitar riffage. The Hunt is fairly short though, and my only complaint would have to be the woman moaning throughout the track. I'm not saying that a woman moaning in pleasure bothers me (wink wink), I just feel that it was out of place and not needed on this one.

Can't Go On shows Christian on the ol' acoustic once again. You can feel the pain throughout the song as he sings his heart out to what, I believe to be, a lost love. We've all been there before and I definitely identified with this track. "Never wanted us, To end this way, Wish that I could turn back time and make you stay, I don't think my heart was meant to feel this pain, I can't go on this way..." is just a sample of the lyrics this tune contains. I really hope a certain someone is reading this review because those past few lines have been what I've wanted to tell her all along.

With the next track, Tonight, the guys in the band break out the electric guitar again. V really seems to know how to put a CD together because this one flows seamlessly track to track. Christian's true vocal power reveals itself on this track also with him repeatedly crying out. Unfortunately, not much else goes on through this track which leaves me confused, and with not much else I can say about it.

I had Shadows cranked up loud on my stereo now. The beginning of Children of the Night scared the living shite out of me! Out of nowhere, this one starts off with a baby wailing at the top of its lungs. I'm not totally sure about this song though. It definitely rocks musically, but lacks greatly in the lyrics department which is full of the typical clichés branded on the gothic lifestyle. I'm going to leave this track alone really, and just say that if you can get past the cheezy lyrics it really is an enjoyable track.

The title track, Shadows, rears its beautiful head at the end of this CD. To me, it is the perfect closer. Everything that the band does well is displayed on this track. From the dark acoustic guitar riffs to Christian's vocals, the whole band clicks together in beautiful harmony. All of my previous thoughts on what this CD was going to be like were torn to bits by listening to it.

This is quite an enjoyable CD and I would recommend grabbing Shadows to anyone. If you haven't heard V yet, check these guys out now. You'll thank me for it. Guess the ol' "Don't judge a book by it's cover" applies to CD's too, huh?

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