The Albinor Chronicles Chapter 38
"Adamantine City"

By Marcus Pan

Chain Border

July 19, 012

Almost a decade ago in the civil war in the Five Shires, the famous Merry Hillman made a blunder that cost him his life and the lives of many of his knights. When he attempted to cut Forestia in half with a westward spear strike of knights, he assumed there would be few battles as most of Forestia's forces were far to the north at Teleman castle. But what he forgot to take into account was the strike of Forestia's people against him…nevermind the knights. The mob swarmed over Merry and his knights and dragged them down by sheer force of numbers. It wasn't figured, you see, that the people of Forestia wanted to be a part of this war. They thought that their leader, Treebeard, was acting of his own volition. Turns out Treebeard had the support of his people to such an extent, they turned it into rage against Merry's men and the second major battle of the war was won in Forestia's favor.

Now years later, Sharri Whisperwalk sends a huge force of her Daro Horde to lay siege to Selenica City. She forgot to take into account the possibility of rallied people there, and only thought of the two hundred cavalry knights that was currently stationed in the city. Again, it turns out, the people may have cost Sharri her entire war in one fell swoop. Fifteen hundred citizens of Selenica, along with the two hundred in cavalry, met Sharri's force of more than twenty two hundred orcs, bandits, brigands and gnolls at the gate.

At first it was thought the gnolls would slice through the mob with ease, the bandits would break for the cavalry and the orcs would simply hit things that came by them. This was working out ok, but there were three deciding factors in the overall battle. When the mob broke for the gnolls, the whole idea that these hairy beasts could befoul their country by coming back after so many years drove all fifteen hundred of them into a wild rage. They shrugged off hits and tore into the gnolls with bloodlust.

In a move that seemed cowardly at the outset, yet was another major point that swung the battle in Darokin's favor, one hundred fifty of the two hundred cavalry held back instead of charging. But it was the constant volley of arrows from only a fair distance away that helped by cutting down advancing horde creatures from the rear ranks while their comrades struck them down from the front. In the end, it turned out to be an excellent strategy.

Finally, the horde was now ending three days of marching eastward with a great battle. They were already tired from the march. Meanwhile Darokin's forces stayed put, resting and simply waiting for the horde to reach them. Hours later, it was Darokin that still held the ground. And Selenica still stands.

But the toll was high for Darokin as well. Hundreds of their own were beyond recovery on the bloody road before the city. The cleaning up is under way. Soon people will begin to return to the east wing of Darokin, into the city itself especially. Businesses will reopen. The land will grow over the blood and gore and Darokin might even rebuild itself. It seems the entire Daro Horde was now destroyed. And without the expected help from Lobania as well.

"Oi, Kayla! What say you on the search?"

"Found nothing, mate. Is the search done?"

"There be a few out there pokin' bout, but I fear so."

"Wonder where that bitch be?"

"Sharri's a sneaky one, aye. And it seems to me she's still about."

"But the city stands well, my friend. Strong as a rock."

"No, strong as adamantine, Kayla."

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