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Well hey, I think this is the first month in a while that an issue ended UNDER 30 pages! Which is great for me because that means I might even be able to afford to print it. Um…no I won't. Just kidding. But I'll do it anyway. As long as you all send me ointment for the whip lashes Wowah's going to give me. Promise? Good.

So it's going to be damn interesting to see how I get Legends Magazine out next month when I'll be holding down two jobs. Oh, and then there's the upcoming Decade of Dark - The Best of Legends Magazine book in the works, the Pan Pages, Net.Goth Directory, Surreal RAYn, family history, blah blah blah… Very interesting indeed. You staffers can help by making sure everything's on time - which is actually quite well done as of late I'm happy to say so thanks for that everyone.

Additional thanks this month goes out to The Mean Little Man, who by the way is now officially "old as dirt" (or at least topsoil), as well as our regular sponsors Discipline Magazine and Jason Beam Studios for helping us afford this issue and coming on board with advertising. Next month Discipline Magazine is still on board and then - that's it. So there's plenty of space, including color-pages, to get your ads in for the October issue. When y'all make it big don't forget the little guys like us, dig? Check out the ad rates on page 4 of this issue. If you ask nicely I'll give you half off. I'm desperate!

Now in October you can expect to see ever more dastardly verbiage. We'll kick it off with five, that's right FIVE, Parking Lot is Full comics scattered throughout the issue. We'll have some music reviews of course and quite possibly an exclusive interview with The Cranes by a new writer stepping up to join our usual musicologists on our hallowed staff (I said HALLOWED not HOLLOWED, damnit).

Some essays from myself and from Dan Century as he delivers a new kind of review - beverages! Read up on the latest high-octane drink trend as Dan plays lab rat and tests MD Code Red, Pepsi Blue, Red Bull and many other soft (and hard?) drinks and delivers the effervescent results in his latest - Dan Century vs Beverage Technology. I dip a bit into the beverage pool myself with Tales of Excess - The Night I Met Captain Morgan. And other non-beverages with Stoned Intellect.

Sue Simpson returns with Dead Loss, illustrated by me - so don't expect much with the pictures there. I can't draw to save my pasty white arse. But I will bring a (really short) Albinor Chronicle as well with Chapter 40 - The Remaining Elf. And up until now I've told you all about what's to come…but still there's the feature left still to discuss.

For insane fantasy - rude, raw and so on the edge if you sit down you'll have a new asshole - Birthing from Uncle Joz with illustration by an old favorite - Lee Alverson. So there's plenty next month - assuming that a) I'm not dead from overwork and b) I find the fucking time…

Peace, Love and All the Trimmings (But NOT the FAT!)…

Marcus Pan
Overworked Editor Type Guy
August 27, 2002 @ 2:51PM

If a man dreams he's a butterfly and wakes up, how does he know if he's a man who dreamed he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he's a man?
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