REVIEW: The Controlled Bleeding - "Can You Smell the Rain Between"

By John Eich

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Can You Smell the Rain BetweenThe Controlled Bleeding have been kicking around throughout the experimental electronic underground for some 20 years now. Emerging in 1983 with their debut release Knees and Bones, Paul Lemos and Joe Papa (along with a revolving list of band members along the way) have continually pushed the boundaries of this musical genre. Up until the release of The Poisoner, every TCB releases has been very chaotic and almost unclassifiable. After the release of The Poisoner, Paul Lemos decided he was tired of the music he had been making and was ready to throw in the towel. Lemos went AWOL from TCB but came back with a shitload of total chaos to produce Can You Smell the Rain Between along with Joe Papa, Guy Lohnes, and Yoshida Tatsuya on drums from the band Ruins.

As chaotic as every TCB release has been, C.Y.S.T.R.B. is no different at all. Opening up with a Joy Division-like track titled Red Hands Waiting, the CD shoots off into all sorts of directions from there. Combining elements of avant-garde jazz, neo classical and experimental electronics/noise, C.Y.S.T.R.B. is unable to be pigeonholed into any genre.

Now, I am a fan of bands that are unafraid to experiment from song to song, CD to CD, The Controlled Bleeding definitely does this quite effectively on this release. The only complaint I have about this CD would be the butchering of Brian Eno's Here Come The Warm Jets. Other than that one track, I found Can You Smell the Rain Between to be a very enjoyable listen. I would recommend this CD to any fan of The Controlled Bleeding, or anyone into this style of chaotic music.

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