The Songs of Albinor Number 20
"Welcome Home Corellon"

By Marcus Pan

Chain Border

Corellon welcome home,
We've missed you verily so.
Please help us in our dire need,
To thrash the evil drow.

During your great long leave,
Our leaders filled their pockets.
Covering themselves in plates of gold,
From their necks hang bejeweled lockets.

Nothing for us have they done,
As we sank in our despair.
Watching as the drow grew strong,
We breathed their evil air.

But now you've come back home,
To lead us to victory.
We will march behind your lead,
Out of our misery.

Welcome home, King Corellon,
We thought you to be dead.
But in their dismal dungeon cells,
You cursed them in their stead.

We need you now more than ever,
To lead us against this foe.
We'll take back your country with your lead,
Off Albinoria they'll be thrown.

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