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I haven't quite yet figured out how I'm going to be bringing this to you every month. Starting early this month I'll be holding down two jobs over and above the non-payment projects I have, which means an average of 16 hours a day out of the Legends office. Have to make ends meet. If you want to ease the burden, help us out and keep us going you can always consider advertising with us to reach a quality audience of music and dark-things enthusiasts. So here's the rate sheet

This month we bring back some of our fiction serials. First we return to Albinor with two chapters from the Albinor Chronicles series, which hasn't been seen since back in January of this year with the 37th chapter. In this issue we have chapters 38 and 39 of course, with the latter illustrated by Zubrovka. And a song.

We also bring back the From the Letters of Father Canis series with The Priest written by William Bowden and also illustrated by Zubrovka. Two short fictions as well from Sue Simpson and the Mean Little Man blows his load about evolution in school.

Most of the review staff shows up as well. And I delve into some books with the return of the Off the Shelf column which covers novels from George R. R. Martin and Piers Anthony. That runs out the last of Off the Shelf that I have written so far - but I'll have more whenever I finish plodding through Moorcock's Cornelius Quartet, which is a godawful long book.

And that, I think, will end my blathering on this page…

Marcus Pan - Editor-In-Chief
August 27, 2002 - 12:12PM

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