REVIEW: Forma4 - "Cycle"

By John Eich

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CycleVladimir Dronov is not a newcomer to the dark ambient/experimental/noise genre at all. Vladimir is the mastermind behind his other project, Kvadrat. Forma4 is Vladimir's newest side project enabling him to experiment further into the dark ambient/experimental/noise domain. Cycle, which is the name of this CD, has been released by the up-and-coming American label, DTA Records.

Seagull is the first track on Cycle. Seagull is a fairly short track that is full of synth beats overlaying a dark synth rhythm. The second track, Answer, has a very haunting drone that forms the rhythm of the entire track. Vladimir layered a very catchy bass beat with percussion highs dropping in and out to form a very catchy ambient tune indeed. Music, the third track, moves into an experimental direction that differs a great deal from Seagull and Answer. High pitched percussion combined with a haunting underlying chant are what this track is all about and makes it great.

Up next on Cycle is a track entitled 44. I really enjoyed this tune with its IDM style beats. A great loop forms the base of the entire track, layered over by the IDM-like beats, fast percussion and noisy distortion. So far 44 is my pick as favorite track on Cycle. Defeat has a very dark tribal rhythm to it. Defeat is a very psychedelic track with a repetitive sound to it that damn near put me into a zombie-like trance.

Clouds has a very ethereal, haunting ambience to it. Except for a soft synth pulse, there is not much else that Clouds is comprised of. String is very reminiscent of the dark Cold Meat Industries sound, layered over by sparse drum beats and percussion. Track eight, Reproduction, is fast paced with a very drum n bass feel to it. Not a bad track at all, but not much else to say about it either.

The title track, Cycle, is number nine. Cycle is very dark and somewhat disturbing. It definitely puts the dark into dark ambient. With experimental noises layered over a haunting eerie sound, this is by far my favorite track of this CD. PerSonification is the last tune on Cycle and continues with the ambience that Cycle provided. A very bleak track with lots of noise experimentation dropped on top of it.

Overall Cycle was an awesome CD to listen to. Forma4 provided a wide variety of darkness on this release and I truly look forward to anything else Vladimir releases under the moniker Forma4. If you like dark ambient and experimental noise music definitely check this disc out

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