REVIEW: Dark Sanctuary - "Vie Ephemere"

By Mike Ventarola

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Vie EphemereMany reviewers as of late have gone into a revolt about reviewing EP's for forthcoming full CD's. The contention is basically that one is expected to comment on a full album without actually having the full work to review. Essentially, it is like asking a film critic to review a film based upon its trailer without having seen the full film. Bias aside, Dark Sanctuary is a name that appealed to me and the enclosed tracks are from the forthcoming CD L'etre las- L'enver du Miroir, which is slated for a September 2002 release.

Vie Ephemere has a Mors Syphilitca type of goth moroseness wrapped around operatic female vocals. Even with the lyrics sung in English, if one's ears are not attune to operatic style vocalizations it may take a few listens to decipher the wording. However, repeated listens are certainly not distasteful in the least as this is a rather good track that combines guitar melody that is at once "goth" in nature while also interspersing a sense of Euro feel to it. Since many of the goth clubs on the East coast of the US have basically veered more into the electronic synthpop fare, this track probably wouldn't get too much of a rotation. However, those who are more adventurous towards dark underground music such as Absolution and even Long Black Veil, may find this a welcome respite. If you like Mors Syphilitica, you will certainly enjoy this as well.

Seul, Face au Sinistre begins with a bit more bombastic orchestral foreboding. This track is much more pensive and without the aid of percussion, so it won't become a club classic. However, it is introspective and mournfully macabre enough for clubs that imbibe in a chill-out hour towards the end of the night. Once again an operatic female vocal carries this track, though the soprano notes are not nearly as plentiful here, which allows the track to breathe a bit and simply wallow in its murky moodiness. Towards the latter part of the track there is a bit of vocal harmonization that is at once a reminder of medieval arrangement with a flare of modern tweaking.

I haven't a clue what the whole CD sounds like, but these two tracks seem promising enough that I would want to hear the rest of what the band has to offer.

Contact Information:
Post: Bounded Love Rec., P.O Box 19, 20010, Vanzago (MI), Italy Fax: +3902 89408688

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