REVIEW: V/A - "Gothic Sanctuary"

By Pat Hawkes-Reed (GothPat)

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Gothic SanctuaryA gothic compilation with the majority of the songs easily filling trad goth dancefloors worldwide. A few of the bands were more popular in certain countries (Love & Rockets was bigger in the States more than in the UK, as an example) and there are two bands included that I have never heard of before. Since this compilation was Canadian-made, I assume that the bands are Canadian in origin.

This would be a good CD for goths with most of their old stuff currently only on vinyl. These songs/bands include: Go! by Tones on Tail, She Sells Sanctuary by the Cult, Moonchild by Fields of the Nephilim, I Walk the Line by Alien Sex Fiend, Love Like Blood by Killing Joke, and Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus.

The Love & Rockets song (Haunted When the Minutes Drag-USA Mix) was a surprising choice. Most DJs would have selected No New Tale to Tell, Motorcycle or So Alive. But, it is still a floor-filler. The song Collage by the Canadian band Vital Signs was one of the songs/bands I have never heard before. It's classic trad-goth style, and this is the first time it is available on CD.

The version of The Sisters of Mercy's Temple of Love is the 1992 Touched by the Hand of Ofra Haza mix which I prefer to the original 80's version. Maybe this is due to being a fan of Ofra Haza, whose Yemen influences are quite interesting and beautiful.

Cry Little Sister (theme from The Lost Boys) by Gerard McMann was also a surprising choice since I can't recall it being played in any clubs I have ever been to, though a lot of goths I know (myself included) own a copy of the soundtrack. The Skinny Puppy selection, Smothered Hope, was a good choice. Very early Puppy which I used to hear in a lot of alternative dance clubs in the 1980's.

The Vampire Beach Babes (Gothic Surf-A-Rama) is great fun! If you love the Cramps or 3-D Invisibles style of deathrock/psychobilly, then this is the band for you. A friend who is originally from Canada has given me their first album and I love it to bits. I hope they get more world-wide recognition. I by Images in Vogue is extremely New Romantic and is another band/song I have never heard of, so I also have to assume that they are another Toronto club fave.

And there is Every Day is Halloween by early pre-industrial Ministry. A classic song that I still love (my friends and I referred to it as the "Boop Be Bop Bop" song) and Al once told me it was written about his teen years and the abuse he got for looking different in high school. A must have for all alternative types. A decent CD compilation to own especially for the unexpected additions.

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