REVIEW: Hideous Input - "Life-Sex-Death"

By May Wiseman

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Life-Sex-DeathSelf proclaimed melder of synth-pop or early 80's new wave, Den Hideous is certainly eccentric enough to leave listeners brainwaves jolted if not baffled. The cover of this L-S-D album is covered in what would appear to be a gothic creation inside, however this Den fellow is clad in rocker attire on the inside sleeve, long hair included, leaving one to wonder maybe this could be a slopped up rendition of punk. So what the hell else would be on this thing but one of the worst displays of disco tech music I've ever heard?

Not to crack on the identity crisis at hand mind you, and really there needs to be some kind of formality included even in noisome product, just don't go judging the dog by the size of its' tail in the puppy stage. What is trying to be captured on this seven-teen track disc is that simple style in which Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, or New Order created throughout the movie music movement that essentially delayed the rock n' roll progress some folks feed on. This did not turn out to be movie music, but does seem like he may have had fun making this music for his own listening pleasure.

One Night Stand is the flickering light here, a tune that seemed worth a listen, only if your into melodic gestures from techno bands though (that's your warning). Incorrect could be good too, I might have just listened to the disc too many times trying to figure it out.

These seventeen tracks could be a solo creation; I did not see anyone else on the sleeve to join this credit with and I didn't bother to take a gander at the web site either. Can you listen to it? No. Should you buy this or maybe give them the benefit of a live performance? If your pockets are spilling over with money, you're bored and are looking for self-expressive music, sure check it out. Otherwise, spend your money on that extra pack of bologna for the week, because after all, sometimes the market just seems to be crowded.

Contact Information:
Post: Hideous Input, PO Box 300803, Denver, CO, 80283-2799, USA
Phone: (303) 324-7647

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