REVIEW: Live Not On Evil - "Lucky Stiff"

By May Wiseman

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Lucky StiffThe band is Philly based, a four member group, and the music here is reminiscent of what gothic rock used to be; raunchy punk riffs, haunting if not sleepy lyrical structure and provides that punk/gothic crossover rock that commercial bands decided to rob from us about two decades ago, a compromised thrash. Enormous sound here in the shared guitar riffs from Eric Dead, and Rob Windfelder, who also share vocal arrangements that time perfectly with Bob McKeowns' drum kit. The buried bass lines of John Begly are not as evident, in fact they are seldom heard, but seemingly contribute in making this full body sound.

From the minute you push play the band decides to effectively tackle the media in a pissy manor, an idiomatic way that makes you pay attention and feel their music's energy. LNOE has relieved lost song expression and delivers the message powerfully: "The paper says you've lost your soul, the T.V. says that it's too late," with a pre-chorus of "And when they see what you've become, when they see what they have made, an empire of scum." This song is the hook in seeing the album through with no disappointments.

The Scary Polka is a lyrical epic of fate, a twisted message of getting what one deserves brought on with a jacked up drum beat that brings on motivation for doing the wrong thing. The lyrics here are cliché': "Black cat, white night, watch your back when your turning out the light" and most defiantly make you move from where you are and do something constructive while you listen to this album because it rocks properly without overpowering your thought process. Heavy guitar rides in Sweet defy the vocals in almost an overtone of laziness making for a sloppy, yet clean song product, the same that bands like the Misfits used to use.

I could go through here and keep listing songs and their lyrics, and turn this into some kind puffy puff; can't do it though, so I'll just say that Lucky Stiff is a pervasive, if not hopeful, album for the unknown music industry we have all gladly fallen into at some point. This is one of the best rock albums that I have heard in years and is essential for anyone that was ever into the old New York punk scene, or any of the music that was underground in the early eighties, or for those who just seek great anti-mainstream rock bands.

Contact Information:
Post: Live Not On Evil, 1119 Marlborough St., Philadelphia, PA, 19125, USA
Phone: (215) 291-4938

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