REVIEW: Oophoi - "Athlit"

By Matt Borghi

Chain Border

For a time it seemed as though Hypnos had begun to move away from the dark, cold and at times clinical drone soundscapes that established them so quickly in the genre. That was until an Oöphoi recording made it onto the Hypnos release list.

Oöphoi's first CD with Hypnos is excellent. It's quite reminiscent of some of Hypnos' previous releases, particularly M. Griffin and A Produce's Altara. There are also traces of Sunyata, a re-release of a tape-only release that Robert Rich had put out in the mid-'80s.

Oöphoi's Athlit is a dark and foreboding release with melancholy drones that permeate the foreground and sparkling, almost scalpel-like pad sweeps that seemingly bring the recording out of the speakers and into three-dimensionality. This work is both contemplative and imaginative. Comprised of four lengthy tracks, this recording doesn't have gaps in the tracks to maintain listening continuity.

This is an extremely profound work. The sonic resonance of this recording, while cold and steely at times, makes this recording whole and complete. This recording is an abstract, contemplative masterpiece and breathes with sustained freshness. You can do no better than to find this work in a shop near you and purchase it. Excellent.

Post-script: Some of you might know Oöphoi as Gianluigi Gasparetti, the editor and main man at the helm of Italy's Deep Listenings Magazine.

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