REVIEW: Spiritu - "Spiritu"

By Dan Century

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SpirituMeteor City is a small independent label catering to the "stoner rock" and "riff rock" genres - essentially the bastard children of Black Sabbath. Jadd, the owner of Meteor City, is also the lead singer of Spiritu - "gee, I wonder how they got a record deal". After giving their CD a spin, I was understandably shocked and amazed that Spiritu is actually good. Amazingly, of all the vocalists on Meteor City, Jadd is probably the best - if you had to pick someone to sing the National Anthem at a Diamondbacks game, you'd have to pick Jadd. Stylistically, he's is the class of Robert Plant and Chris Cornell - plenty of blues, soul and swagger in his voice, with a bit of the grit Rod Stewart and Kory Clark are famous for.

Spiritu is true to the "stoner rock" genre: "grungy" riffs, bluesy licks, big drums, and a singer with enough soul and drama in his voice to sell songs about fat men in Thailand, or women who can be tamed (good luck). The total package is a lot like Sabbath or more recent bands like Sound Garden, but for those of us who can't get enough of a good thing, Spiritu makes an excellent addition to the "S" section of our CD collections. Unlike most stoner albums, Jadd skips the overused muscle car, outer space and drug references and goes straight for everyone's favorite subject - SEX - dirty, filthy, stinky, moistened, and possibly humiliating sex. But not sloppy - the one thing Spiritu is not is sloppy - no slipping out mid-stroke!

Of all the songs on the album Fat Man in Thailand is the most satisfying. Not only does it rock, it dares to cop lyrics from One Night In Bangkok, a new wave nugget off the soundtrack to the 1984 play Chess. Shocking, but so is a song about a fat American guy banging prostitutes in Asia.

Satisfying moment number 2 comes from the funky bass break in the middle of Glorywhore - a riff grimy enough for me to write about it, and made me wash my hands the next time I put it in the CD tray. I expected to see used condoms and cigarette butts dropping out my speakers.

Woman Tamer starts with the appropriate lyrics: "taming a woman, that's my game" - how can you not appreciate this song? Even if you're a totally jaded "feminist" - at least you can laugh. Makes me want to do the slow and nasty with a stuck-up and stiff Republican chick - preferably Ann Coulter ( She's real pretty. I would make sweet love to her until she voted for Ralph Nader.

After listening to Spiritu you will feel dirty, sore and ready for more. If you own a van, you really need this album, and now that I have this album, I really need a van.

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