REVIEW: The Trinity Project - "The Subtle Movement of the Entropy Engine"

By Mike Ventarola

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The Subtle Movement of the Entropy EngineThe Trinity Project is defined as an experimental group of artists whose style ranges from spoken word, noise, ambient instrumentals and progressive techno. The live show purports to include a video backdrop, which merges images with the music to create a full audiovisual sensory experience.

The Subtle Movement of the Entropy Engine begins rather eclectically enough with blips and bleeps along with sounds that merge as though watercolors on a palette. Just as you have become comfortable with the pace, we are brought into a timeless void in space, while a vocal audio segues into a jungle rhythm that becomes a respectful homage to some of Tangerine Dream's early work. 50 degrees Longitude, 85 degrees Latitude is a spoken story about a mark that looks like a map on the skin, inspired by a real life experience. Soldiers and Tanks was written just after one of the artists moved and immediately after the 9/11 tragedy. It interestingly opens with what seems to be an American Indian chant coiled around a drum and bass rhythm and infused with morose violin like tones. It seems as though the steady drumming is reflective of the hectic movement of life in a big city, while the instrumental tones demarcate how out of place the somberness seems to be in something that is so vibrant.

Love Gesture intersperses spoken words and percolating percussive elements with subtle elements of Middle Eastern notes and tones. The challenge is identifying the spoken samples from the various films that are included. …And Also Afrika provides us the night sound of crickets and then voices in a village. This then segues into an ambient movement with interspersed sounds and spoken words. If I'm Not Careful, I'll Start to Get Scared of the Walls is another inspired piece based upon a true story from the artist's life combined with rather energetic beats underneath. The Flock of 1000 Sparrows begins as though it could have been a soundtrack to a modern version of the Hitchcock classic, The Birds. It segues into a more percussive soft rock improvisational melody, which would make the whole track fit in as a closing track to a film at some point in the future. Kam Tata'akhkhar was inspired by vocalizations that Lynch heard emanating from under a neighbor's door on the way to work one morning. The opening is a mélange of rather odd pulsation's that delivers the vocals almost 2 minutes into the track.

The World Below is an improvisational piece meant to delineate beauty rising like a phoenix from the burning embers of sad times. Votive seems to take us beyond the wall of sorrow to actually find the essence and fire of the person who inspires us to go the extra mile. Tornado is also from a true story from Lynch's background. She states in the liner notes that strong winds still continue to upset her. End takes a Scottish lullaby and adds crackled sounds underneath sounding like a vinyl recording that has been played many times.

The Trinity Projekt definitely delivered on creating a rather unique blend of experimental pieces that defied convention. It isn't "commercial" in the slightest and would appeal to fans of the avant-garde. Thankfully the artists included some factoidal information in the liner notes, as many of the tracks were rather personal and most listeners wouldn't have been able to "get it" without a hint.

Some of the spoken stories seemed to be delivered too close to the microphone however, often causing some of the words to get lost in the abyss somewhere. This may in fact have been the intention, because it simply had the brain focused on one aspect and then we are forced to immediately switch gears to cogitate on another portion of the track and word piece.

Fans of Die Form may very well enjoy this work because it is an amalgamation of uncommon sound combinations that also incorporate words, ambience and percussion. Certainly, this CD is not meant to be played as background music as it demands the listener to pay attention and figure out the variegated puzzle pieces. In some ways, it is the audio equivalent to a David Lynch film, requiring repeated listens in order to extract the fragmentary moments to create the collective whole.

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