REVIEW: Aenima - "Never Fragile"

By May Wiseman

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Never FragileSometimes we live inside this swirling globe of emotion, daily peering at the rather greenish areas, pissy at people for just being, faking sick days instead of working that full time week, buying thrift shop gems attempting to defy trends, hailing to those who seem "cool" for emitting what they grew into. And then we college as Aenimas' Nor has, playing guitar the way school product has taught the teacher, and "hell yesing" the teacher that taught the child what instruments actually are (do), praising the gospel vocal - the opera goddess that spoke into the mirror ball while you and your skates were stuck in the air after a famous tuck and roll. The folks sneered and laughed. They said this is mere tragedy, however, you rebuke with a fuck you, where as you know the music that lives in your head appreciates every facet about you.

A powerful vocal stance pours out of the Wal Mart stereo, flowing with electronic support of substantial band members, playing what would seem to fit the vocal, however the vocal is suited for the tune. Each tune is as catchy, being harmonized, equal, justified, complex and feverous; essentially a keeper for disc rotation, if not exhausting, relieved. This little five-track album has been heard as the way some people just walk through life and I've heard plenty like it, however not seeming so nascent as this.

Forlorn is one of those songs where you can feel the spew of the world right on your shoulders - it's there, and yeah, sure it's a love song or about the lack thereof, shrug it off. Who cares about that rankled former lover anyway, speaking, "I am standing here all alone while your being with someone else", ick, but the projection captured by vocalist Carmen tells me she's angered and hurt so she sings very loud and the surrounding sound is fueled with remembrance - she effectively grabs the feeling.

In the realms of sewer affection, all lyrics are in a familiar state. At The Edge Of A Cliff claims the best music structure indefinitely from the band, having perfect timing with riffs appropriated to the lyrical tune, drums accented in anti-ambient form with extremely heavy beats from drummer Paulo while singing, "Just take me out of here and drive far away". It's all about the understanding that music produces inside the common world when you listen to this band. The Light is run of the mill beat beat lyric, sing, sing guitar solo, riff, beat, sing - though good, just hum drum for these guys. I would much rather here the jackier tunes like track five, Lilith, where the pent up instruments explode half way through the comfort stage like Van Morrison was so fond of sharing his musicianship to a befuddled audience.

So to wrap this up, I've found through years that most people have this tune they think about whenever they walk through their life spinning the fat globe, searching for the right place for your emotion to be, seeking refuge atop the great sea, making perfection inside a deli shop, outside a hot dog vender while pouring mustard over the dog, spinning the globe leering at brown, spinning into the Portugal area of what Aenima call homage, spin on that dance floor you crazy assed air hockey addict that you are. Yes, the game is competitive, and as good as one sacrifices their own moral stature, whatever the song is - Aenima has got their grip on it.

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Post: Equilibrium Music, PO Box 2909, PT - 1123 - 001 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 (96) 663 6647

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