REVIEW: Lilac Ambush - "Breathe Deep"

By Pat Hawkes-Reed (GothPat)

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Breathe DeepA new EP by the Gloucester, Massachusetts (or Boston as their website says) darkwave duo...another fine release. When will they have another full CD to offer? Does it matter when they keep releasing these fine EPs? According to their website, another EP, Four Stories, has recently been made available as of October 2002. Each release has only 500 numbered copies so get a copy soon!

They have only been a duo since 2001, but sound like a band together for much longer than that. They are Spleen Ecq on guitar and Mark Knudsen on vocals. I think the vocals are one of the reasons their music is so catchy. It's so nice to hear clear lyrics rather than shouty growling or an over-processed voice.

Breathe Deep has been number one on for the Massachusetts area, and I can see why: very danceable and warm vocals. This remind me at times of Rosetta Stone's Adrenaline. Persist also has a bit of gothic undertones, but Masquerade had a poppy/catchy beat to groove to.

It doesn't look like they have performed further than Massachusetts, but, if the rave reviews keep coming in from all over the US and Europe, maybe they should consider widening their scope.

Contact Information:
Post: Twisted Spinach Records, PO Box 2053, Gloucester, MA, 01931, USA

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