REVIEW: Dein Shatten - "Ewiges Eis"

By May Wiseman

Chain Border

The Dein Schatten German factor, yes through and through. The foreign sung lyrics, the song titles and one non German-speaking reviewer has experienced somewhat of a youthful appeal while tuning into something I could not completely understand. The disc is five complete tracks filling your stereo with a gothic techno sound, and Bornzero's multi talent music (singer, songwriter, and guitarist) bubbling to the surface once again after gaining recognition for being the "one" starting German rock.

Truthfully it's the music that will make you remember all those techno moves from the eighties (the robot), even if you haven't received the privilege of fluency, it's interesting music. The seriousness found in the vocal reminds one of a protest march, but the people are dancing along the way to techno…it's funny like that.

Dein Schatten and Das Tier are examples of this music description. It's the same techno that carries the same environment as a nightclub scene would back in the late eighties. Woanders Sein has been produced twice here, once being a puffed up club mix that seems to be more convincing as just that. The other version was a bit dull, but still good to listen to.

This album was fun even without the presence of knowledge, all along I would have liked to know what was being sung along with this craziness, but it really doesn't matter when the music is good enough to make up for it.

Contact Information:
Post: Dein Shatten, U.C. Absi-Wertherstr. 95 a-33615, Bielefeld, Germany
Phone: +49 (0521) -1368127

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