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Merry fucking Christmas. Some of you I've said that to and some of you I haven't. I write this the day after. Many of my machines aren't working. And the animals are working too well.

Anyways, it's been a few months since I've talked to you in anything resembling an editor's notes or afterword since in the past two issues I didn't do either. And we skipped December just to see if we could get back on schedule. Did it work? Ask me that in a week.

So here goes. Legends #129. Still going, still printing, the money's almost gone and the dragon might have to grow a mohawk to keep it up, but fuck it I have nothing much else I do worthwhile. So enjoy. This month we bring you an interview with master musician Rhys Fulber (Conjure One, Front Line Assembly) by Daryl Litts. I also locked Hirez in a room with the gang from UK's Wasp Factory Records were we get them to blather about everything from bands (Chaos Engine, Swarf, D.U.S.T., more) to the industry both generally and specifically. Hirez also managed to finish his review assignments somehow, but I expect him to hibernate for a bit after the drunken ramble he had to endure to get that interview for you. Love him for it.

Meanwhile I bring you a few of my lesser known essays, as well as new fiction from Sue Simpson. More reviews from most of the gang are here and there's a smattering of full parking lots about as well, not including the one at the hospital ER where I was for a bit. So just read on 'ya nugget. I really don't have the time to blather much myself and if that's what you wanted you should join the Pan Pages (www.legendsmagazine.net/pan) mailing list instead. I tend to bitch more on that.

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Marcus Pan, Editor
12/26/2002 @ 2252 EST

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