REVIEW: Ego Likeness - "Dragonfly"

By Pat Hawkes-Reed (GothPat)

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DragonflyAt times, when I get an unknown (to me) band to review and read the press relaese I get a sinking feeling...that I will hate it and will want to bin the CD as soon as I finish reviewing it. This is NOT one of those CDs. This one will be played again and placed in my CD shelves to prevent any accidental binning. I really liked this!

The CD (and band) is hard to pigeon-hole: one minute they are dreamy and floaty and the next minute they have a drumm/bass line that won't quit. I was reminded of Bel Canto(*) and Dead Can Dance with the female voices blending and the occasional male voice mixed in...the middle eastern feel to some songs and a few that harkens to Massive Attack.

Songs of note: A Different Kind of Loss, The Ocean Beside Us (smooth, dreamy, soaring), Song to the Divine (a mix of trip-hop with a catchy chorus), Blind Arms, Too Many Empty Nests (moody, atmospheric).

According to their info, Ego Likeness is a two-person band that, in 2002, now consists of an eight-person band when performing live. They began in 1999 as an industrial/trip-hop duo with a demo called Songs From a Dead City and will have a new release around now (late 2002) called Water to the Dead. Based out of Baltimore Maryland, they have performed mainly on the east coast of the US, but have been getting club play in other locations. The Ego Likeness song Drown Like You is on the "Best of Gothic Radio Compilation" available at Hot Topic and many other stores starting September 10th.

The base members are D. Lynch and S. Archer. For live performances, they are joined by Justin Sabe, Stephanie Kim, Daniel Mullin, Amanda Mason, Jerome Lintz, Jenny Mettee and you can see video samples of these performances on their website. Seek out the CDs and see them live (I wish I could) and you won't be sorry.

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(*) Legends reviewed multiple Bel Canto releases way back in Legends #90.

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