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By Marcus Pan

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The TnT station is doing a bunch of old movies today. The end of Blues Brothers was playing when I happily discovered this. Next I watched My Girl 2, and as Veta [sp] went off for California to search for clues about her Mom I found myself wondering if in ten years or so I would be letting Felicia go running off to California by herself for any reason (she'll be two in two weeks). I decided that, yes, I probably would. Especially if she acted like Veta did. I've been more immature than her a lot - why just last week I was lamenting not getting the flooring I wanted in the lab (renovation time - WOO!) because it didn't look as cool without it. So you see what I mean.

It's going on 11PM and Laura's still at work and I just put the last of the two kidlets to bed. No, Sophia (she's the eight year old going on sixteen - no thanks to her young aunt) doesn't normally stay out this late, but she was at her friend's house and it IS the downstairs apartment and it IS a weekend and I thought well, I don't feel like being Veta tonight so I just let her stay until she felt like coming home. She wasn't given a time, anyway, so technically it's not a broken rule. :) Or at least that'll be my defense if Laura finds out she didn't come home until 10:30. [g]

Anyway, back to the original story. While waiting for the last of the kidlets to waltz in the door with a big bopping blonde head and a sarcastic glare (I was smoking a cigarette at the time - she hates that), I was watching the Goldie Hawn movie Overboard (again, TnT is rocking this weekend). Normally I don't go for that kind of part-mush, but it was tempered with a good dose of humor and I was feeling a bit humorous so I kept it on. I've seen it before anyway.

But not since I got my own family. Now first let me mention that my place looks NOTHING like theirs did...of course not. :) Oh, you don't know the story? Ok. Here's the synopsis...

Woman is a rich bitch. Lowly carpenter installs bad set of shelves (at least to HER anyway) and she throws him off the boat without paying. Later there's an accident that involves said rich bitch where she ends up taking a dip, much like the lowly guy she helped to it earlier, except gets wiped out, washed ashore and is deposited in BumFuck Oregon with a heavy case of amnesia. After rich hubby leaves her behind because he doesn't want her anymore and envisions a life of freedom from the now-forgetful bitch, our lowly hero carpenter guy finds out and decides to get the money he is due for the shelves any way he can. So he shows up at the hospital and convinces the doctors and her (well, she didn't remember, remember?) that he is her husband, she has four super-obnoxious bumpkin boys and they live in this ramshackle shack on Bumfuck property (which is where the above paragraph comes in).

Eventually lowly carpenter and rich bitch fall in love because rich bitch goes through an amnesiatic transformation into not-rich nice person, they get along great and hubby eventually comes back for her where she remembers everything in a sudden burst of IQ and leaves the lowly one for the richer one. And yes, of course, they get back together. She leaves behind a supersized city-on-a-boat and runs back to the lowly one.

Now back to my point. Again, my place looks nothing like the shack. Second, I found myself looking around. Sure, my place isn't a shack, but I don't have a guy who poofs out the back of my skirt so I can sit down (real scene) either. Hell, I haven't been able to find my skirt since we moved anyway! There's some toys on the floor, Sophia's new skate board is in the corner of the living room and the bathroom light switch is busted. So I don't have an extra city-on-a-boat neither. But if I were to wake up in the morning realizing that I do have one and have a chance to leave behind the not-quite-a-city-in-an-apartment, I think I'd do the same thing. I don't need a yacht. I don't think I'd need one to feel rich, either. She was rich either just depends on what ranking money gets on your happiness scale. My spot is somewhere in between provide-for-my-family and not-quite-a-city. And that's fine.

Oh, one last part. The last words of the film. He says, "What can I possibly give you that you don't already have?" She says, "A little girl."

Hell, I'm richer than she is! You can keep the yacht.

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