REVIEW: Seven 13 - "Unleashed"

By Pat Hawkes-Reed (GothPat)

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UnleashedAccording to the website, the music of Seven 13 is a theatrical experience brought to life through an interfusion of vibrant dance and costumes. There are some video clips on their site as well as on the supplied video CD (Drink) if you get this release. They have been around since 1997, originally called Coven13(*), and their first release(**) was more ethereal (according to the band).

Seven 13The band looked (in the CD and website photos) somewhat goth/industrial, but, what they seem to be is the bastard children of Jim Steinman (this is a compliment). Lots of fast and furious rock guitars with keyboards on some songs which harken back to an earlier time. All very 70's/80's rock god guitar - I haven't heard many people do this, well, since the last few times I have been to see bands of that genre.

Somewhat like Blue Oyster Cult, due to the keyboards and fancy fretwork - especially notable in the song Dianne which ended up being my favourite song on the CD. There are also some ballads that shine with the melodic keyboard riffs adding a counterpoint to the vocals.

I have no idea what their target audience is like. I can't see the crowd being too goth, except for maybe those who got into goth via hard rock and metal, yet, they are not the least bit nu-metal. And, I can't think of too many bands they could share a stage with in the current goth/industrial/darkwave/EBM scenes - not sure if this is good or bad.

The band members are: Amanda Adams, Bryan Bales, Justin Ballard, Kenneth Michael and Brian Verrochi with Lauren Doucette as the dance choreographer.

The conclusion? I liked them due to my history of being into rock music of all sorts, so if you have any of this in your past musical taste, you will like them as well.

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(*) Coven 13 was interviewed in Legends #95.
(**) Book of Shadows, reviewed in Legends #95.

Contact Information:
Post: Seven 13, P.O. Box 1436, Orleans, MA, 02653, USA
Phone: (508) 255-8187

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