Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Albinor Chronicles Chapter 7
"Breaking of the Shires"

By Marcus Pan

February 11, 003

The Five Shires are the happy lands of the halflings. It lies on the west side of the Republic of Darokin, bordering the sea. This country is actually five shirelands loosely united together, as the name implies. These shires are divided by land types and each is controlled by a warden. Fangorn Plains is the clearland warden, Baggins Treebeard is the forest warden, Casey Port is the warden of the coastlands, Jalin Stoor controls the mountains and Warden Merry Hillman has the hills. The old treaties kept the shirelands united as a single country. But one shire opts to be on it's own.

In Warden Fangorn Plains' council halle, in the country's capitol city of Shireville, the five wardens have gathered. One of them wishes to leave the union. He wants to be recognized as a separate country and the other four wardens are worried.

"We have a treaty, all of us." said Fangorn.

"I did not sign it. Those before me did. Therefore, I do not feel it is binding to me." stated Baggins in a matter-of-fact tone of voice.

"Why leave the shires, Warden Baggins? These are strange times and safety lies in numbers." Fangorn asks.

"Me and my people want to be on their own. I do not want to hold council with four other men who have nothing to do with me and my people in order to do something that I have already decided to do. I simply say this, Warden Fangorn Plains I am a warden no longer. Warden Hero Baggins Treebeard I am not. King Hero Baggins Treebeard, king of Forestia, is who I am now. Recognized or not, we are no longer a shire."

"We can not let you withdraw from the union of the Five Shires, Baggins. We are prepared to retaliate by force and your position as forest warden will be revoked for such a treacherous act. Don't force us to force you. This is an act of treason against the shires." There was then silence for what seemed like a small eternity.

"Good day, wardens. I return to Forestia." said Baggins as he turned to leave.

"Treason, Baggins. Treason and war!" shouted Fangorn after him.

T'was that afternoon, the eleventh of February on the third calendar year of Albinor, when the Five Shires witnessed the beginning of a great civil war. T'was no longer than a half hour after Baggins' leave when the document that declared war on the forest shire was signed unanimously by the four remaining wardens Plains, Hillman, Port and Stoor.

The above item may have been edited by the author since its first appearance in Legends No. 13.