REVIEW: Butterfly Messiah - "It's Time"

By Mike Ventarola

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It's TimeAs with all Fossil Dungeon releases, the package artwork is always something to be cherished. One would think that for an EP, the company would skimp a little, but they in fact still gave them a wonderful design along with a band photo on the back cover. This photo alone can clearly earmark them as the hottest looking goth/industrial band on the East Coast. I had the good fortune of hearing this work prior to its full mastering and release and was blown away by the leaps and bounds that the group continues to progress to. That elation was nothing compared to the final version as released by Fossil Dungeon.

It's Time takes Butterfly Messiah further into the realm of goth-industrial artistic hybrids. Shannon Garson's vocals sweep in with a stronger range and effect than we have heard before. Her trademark ethereal elements are evident, but here she is utilizing her vocals to the utmost of her ability and it is a pleasurable transition. The Post Kronos Dance Mix has a much more pumping percussion that should make this a favorite in many clubs that eschew "goth" to any degree. The strength of Garson's vocals also seem to be pulled further to the front, giving the lyrics a chance to fulminate in the mind.

Monument is a bonus track that veers down that dark and gritty road that combines "damnbient," ethereal and touches of industrial. Garson's vocals cascade like an East Indian vocalist, giving the track a bit of a dark angelic quality. Just when you think the track will continue on a sedate measure we are pumped up with added percussion. Robert Davis adds a background deep vocal recitation while Garson sings heavenward. This may find a home in West Coast clubs that are more progressive with their goth playlists than the disco dolly DJ's infiltrating the East Coast goth clubs.

Machines fuses a touch of old school goth rock and superimposes it over industrial layers of percussion. Garson's ethereal vocals are kept in the back with angelic punctuations while Davis pours himself into this track, elevating it into an interesting goth-industrial hybrid. The last track is the instrumental version of It's Time, which would allow DJ's to craft their own remix or extend the length of the song during a club night if they so desired.

Butterfly Messiah continues to live up to their name to some degree, as they are constantly in a state of metamorphosis. Their recordings are never rehashes of past successes, so essentially it is like hearing a new band each time. The one constant is Garson's ethereal punctuations which is almost a trademark with the band at this point. One can hear twenty tracks, but will instantly know it is a Butterfly Messiah track by the way she and Davis construct a song to give just that much of a dark angelic hint.

Unlike other goth/industrial bands, Davis thankfully avoids the compressed vocal nonsense that has been over utilized to death at this point. Instead, he utilizes a melodic deep vocal recitation as though narrating a story. His delivery manages to blend elements of the forbidden with the dangerously sensual. Together, Garson and Davis are the light and shadow of any song they work on and never need to resort to outside gimmicks. It's Time will undoubtedly make it to a club near you in one version or another.

Contact Information:
Post: The Fossil Dungeon, 43796 Tattinger Ter, Ashburn, VA, 20148-3125, USA

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