REVIEW: Cinema Strange - "Cinema Strange"

By J. 'Hirez' H-R

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Cinema StrangeDeathrock, it appears, is the Future of Goth from the US. Or at least this is what we're told by the set of people who can't be doing with this modern electronic music malarkey and yearn for simpler times when bands either sounded like The Sisters or X-Mal. Jack to the sound of an axe being ground? Oh, I think so...

This is what we find: prominent basslines that seem borrowed wholesale either from the Sisters or New Order (though I'm sure it's more homage), twiddly analogue monosynth and weedy vocals that would probably quite like to be Pete Murphy when they grow up.

If this brings to mind some early 80s Peel-Session also-ran, then you're spot on. It could all be a brilliantly realised pastiche of some band who'd be supporting Ghost Dance at the Bradford 1 in 12 club, in which case they've got top marks for a near-perfect retro effort.

The thing is, if the 'future of goth' does mean 'the scene ' making a mob-handed dive for a time-machine with the controls firmly nailed to "Twenty years ago today" then I want no part of it. Borrowing a line from the Beatles seems apposite because this self-conscious retro style is going to lead me to an obvious conclusion: These people are the goth Oasis.

If that's what happens - if they become a massive phenomenon, sell wagonloads of records, get their drugs delivered by wheelbarrow... And are followed around by a legion of soundalike no-marks, then good luck to them. They'll be happy, the heaving mobs of fans will be happy. (Are already happy? It's alleged that they're el-massivo in Germany.) Maybe they'll even get on the radio.

Look, you know how people say 'If you can't think of anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?' Not that I've been in any way held back by that maxim in the past, thankfully, otherwise Legends would have been littered with three-word reviews... And not that these people deserve a sound shoeing from a vengeful writer intent on promoting his (or her) own twisted world-view, because they don't.

It's just that I expected something a lot more rock, a lot more like the kind of disturbing noise that Zombie Teddyboys from Bradford would make if locked in a room with instruments and denied their daily ration of fresh brains and Tetley's bitter - Well, I think I've reached that point.

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