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Some new things brewing up in the background kiddies. It could be a new layout. It could be a new design. It could be me just posturing from a dark corner with a strawberry donut. Who knows? But to bring you to the present, this month we debut our newest columnist with Horrorscopes by Auntie PanPan. So to stay on the right track each month make sure you check on those. This is set to become a regular feature from here on out so enjoy!

The Parking Lot is Full has closed their proverbial doors…and while I probably mentioned this before, it's still sad to see them go. From bestiality to Raylienism…no stone was left unturned as Jack McLean and Pat Spacek began the PLIF journey back in 1993. There will be less than 25 strips left for Legends to print when this issue is completed and while I didn't run every comic the duo made and ran those I liked best (wielding my editorial power, you dig?) the PLIF series for Legends will soon run out as well. At the rate of running anywhere from 3-6 strips a month by them, you can expect this to most likely be their last year that Legends will have sharing the wealth of truth the PLIF can bring us.

This month Sue Simpson turns out a riveting thriller. Coupled with the charcoal-driven work of Laura Pelick, Who is Tulovski? is definitely one of my recent favorites. Sue is also celebrating the impending release of her second novel; Better the Devil You Know will be released in the UK at the price of £9.99. You can however order your very own copy, regardless of your world locale, by writing to her personally! E-mail sooz006@virgin.net for more information or to reserve your copy now before they sell out. Visit the Legends Magazine forum at www.legendsmagazine.net for a teaser of Better the Devil You Know.

The Albinor Chronicles appears with Chapter 41 this month - which is, as of now, the last chapter I have completed. Illustrated by Steven King with his art debut in Legends, the end of a war comes to a close in this chapter which I call Hung to Die. [insert Crypt Keeper laugh here]

That's all I'll blather about here this month, so I'll see everyone on the back page…

Marcus Pan, Editor
January 27, 2002 @ 0143EST

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