REVIEW: Gabor Csupo - "Kalmopyrin"

By Marcus Pan

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KalmopyrinJust because he's clowning around with cartoons like Rugrats, doesn't mean that Gabor Csupo isn't still in the music studio. Prior to this release of Kalmopyrin, Gabor's Liquid Fire(*) was a 2-CD set that received critical acclaim.

Strangely enough, Kalmopyrin is light and fluffy - something almost expected from the creator of children's cartoons like Rugrats. I found the CD as a whole wonderful to listen to, work to, and generally chill out to. Very bubbly and comfortable in sound and scope.

Compared to Liquid Fire, I found Kalmopyrin to be much more accessible. Combining elements of trance, ambient, drum 'n bass and older style Kraftwerkesque computerizations, and somehow keeping it sounding fun and leaning towards a happier upbeat style. Track 1, Mary Goes Around, for example utilizes vocal samples from female chants, d'n'b style rappings and electro-laden vocalizations. It opens the CD with a strong groove sure to keep your head bopping.

The next track, Shaharezade, opens into a floaty, bubbly bassline that is overlayed with a comfortable saxophone melody. Intermixed with occasional vocal samples, the song overall has a very comfortable feel even if the bubbles make it otherworldly in makeup. When They Can't Get Enough takes you into a more mysterious place while Rodeo Drive gets futuristic with more bubbly synths and very interesting rhythm arrangements that utilize both melodic synth sounds and static brush beats.

Pleasure Fahir infuses the trance mix of the CD with Arabian influence while Good Night, Suckers! does a cut-up style mix with vocal samples much like what Perpetual Ocean did in Houdini(**). The album's closing track is very smooth and flowing, reminiscent of work by X-Static Urge(***) with female floating vocals and well arranged melodies and flowing chords. The only drawback that I can fathom from this track is that it may tend to run a bit long, but that's when you're paying attention to it. As a closing-hours chill out song when it's background ambience, it does the job admirably.

I'll keep this one for my personal collection. And as usual it all comes packaged by Tone Casualties in a classy cardboard fold-out style. The artwork is surreal and stunning throughout the case.

(*) Reviewed in Legends #114.
(**) Reviewed in Legends #113.
(***) Both current X-Static Urge releases were reviewed in Legends #116.

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