REVIEW - Mimetic - "Data Sensitive" & "Be-at_sound_a"

By Marcus Pan

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Data SensitiveMimetic's 2-CD set consists of Data Sensitive and Be-at_sound_a and comes packaged in a slick cardboard fold out case with attractive artwork. The center of the case holds a 4-leaf foldout about the two CDs. Very classy in both look and style. The music?

Data Sensitive is grating, gyrating, clashing and, at times, unwelcome due to the level of noise used. It stays away from the "pure noise" trap by providing a definite beat and rhythm to everything, many times rather catchy, but the melodies and soundscapes used are noisesome and driving. This provides a very pivotal sound that doesn't mesh well as background, yet provides too much heavy-handedness on the front side. Its use of scratchings, static and noise as melody-makers can come out with a dissonant effect that heavy noise lovers would fathom and enjoy, but I personally find a bit too stifling. Rather than being music you listen along to, it's music that pushes you into something you're not so sure you want to be pushed into.

Some prime exceptions however do exist. Such as Gloomy, which is a very uplifting piece with a very catchy synthline that I really liked. The following song, Forlorn, also keeps the riveting fast pace going with a swift rhythm, remarkable use of computer generated sound scales that come out like glass and well placed samples. But other than the occasional example like these, the album retained its noisy schematic.

Be-at_sound_a is much more melodic and synth-based rather than noise/scratch based. I really enjoyed the 2nd CD much more. While it retains its off-kilter dissonance, it instead utilizes it in an under-melodic way rather than putting it right on top of the musical score. The result is a more trance-based record than the first, noise-based record. As you get to the end of the CD however, Mimetic returns to the harsh, grating sound of noisy melodies on noisy rhythms accented by static-laden beats.

I must also complain about the inclusion of many blank, empty, annoying, space-wasting tracks that prefaces the final track of both Mimetic albums. Unnecessary, and in the case of Be-at_sound_a; the final track is quite good with interesting wood-block rhythms, ever-changing timeframes and some fitting grumbly vocals - but having to sit through more than a dozen blank dead air tracks takes the fun out of it I think.

The stronger you are a fan of noise, the more you'll like Mimetic's Data Sensitive and Be-at_sound_a set.

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