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Well alright! It's the super-compact quickie version of Legends Magazine, yay! Enjoy, enjoy. Looking at the issue, I'll admit it's probably not one of my favorites, but not all of them can be. This time, a 3rd or so of the way into the month it's supposed to be out, begging editors can't be choosy. This almost didn't make it out to you for another month, so question not.

Next month? More stuff! Oh, and music reviews too. Also, look for another music special - interview with Din_Fiv by Rev. Daryl Litts. Cover by the reverend as well. As the months roll up we have some top shelf band interviews coming your way including The Cruxshadows, Melissa London (Project 12:01), Doll Factory, Baard Titlestaad and possibly Dave Smalley to bring on the floodgates of our punk coverage which will be stepping up as we continue.

If you want to help us get to the point where the music of your band and/or label is read by more than the currently measly 50,000 readers/month (I won't be satisfied until there's a copy of Legends on every fucking coffee table in the world…), then advertise. See our new rates and package deals online - check it at!


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