REVIEW: Matt Borghi, Jason Sloan and Brannan Lane - "Moving Through"

By Mike Ventarola

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Moving ThroughMoving Through is a one song 73 minute ambient excursion. It's creation came about symbiotically when Matt Borghi received an eight minute track that Jason Sloan and Brannan Lane had been working on. After the project was shelved for some time, Borghi was bit by the muse and was inspired to add other touches and tweakings from ideas that came to him.

Listening to Moving Through is similar to being submerged in a flotation device. The music is gentle, reflective and meditative, but a few steps over into a dark realm to keep it from being New Age. After the gentle caress for the first 15 minutes the listener is brought into a realm of tension and cogitation. In some ways, this portion sonically reminds one of the difficulties for the untrained mind to maintain a meditative focus. It is as though we are guided to tense the muscles and then relax them after five minutes.

If one isn't listening to this in a flotation device or hot tub, after 25 minutes there is an uncanny desire to really want to immerse the body into the nearest body of water. Oddly enough, there always seem to be disembodied voices just out of reach of the inner ear, as though they are phantoms brushing against the eardrum that you "feel" but can't exactly decipher.

There is an underlying drone note that mimics the relaxed respiration of the body at rest which periodically segues between the shifting thematic approaches and mental stirrings. Availing oneself to the sound can create mental visions that include an inordinate number of terrains and memory flashbacks.

For those seeking music for meditation, this CD offers a lengthy removal from the cares of the world into one's own private mental domain. There are no beats, so club kids will most likely eschew the work as too repetitive. However, for those that seek out items that can expand upon a meditative experience, Moving Through offers the right balance between harmony and juxtaposition to elevate those private inner workouts.

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