REVIEW: Observe & Control - Demo

By May Wiseman

Chain Border

Sounds clips from commercials and telephone operators are used as sporadic accents for this "spacey," synth pop effort which also intro's the demo. No more than a little over seventeen minutes long, this demo offers good insight into what Observe & Control are actually trying to do. Although I wasn't able to really get into this until about half way through, it's still good, and the unpolished effects are what make this actually viable.

The recorded music on track two (Silence) is real hot, however the vocals are incredibly muddled, which is going to make the listener wonder if there's a faulty equipment issue. But after listening to the damn song about four times- the joke was on me, the reviewer. Hey May- you ever think that's why the song is titled Silence, and did you take note the other tunes here were not slacked in vocal recording? Well, I got your little message pal.

Track three, Purges, is where I got a much better feel for what they were doing. This song has comical dit dit beeps as effects, which adds really to the beat as well as the dark lyrical content. Scissor Doil was the demo's best offering I believe because of the breaks where the synths take over, and the consistent drumming that illuminated the spaceship effects.

Utopia is the last track and leaves off with a good combination of electronic melodies. This is a busy song, but still good. The kicker here is where these guys are from. The band consists of four members, two of whom are "secret agents," one named Gnuth, the other known as Ranit Shaham (web designer). The four are productive members of Tel Aviv Israel. There is a lot to be said about what barriers music can break, whether it's techno, rock, punk, pop, whatever… It's good to see that while there may be much chaos in their town, they can shut it out and work on some tunes. Upbeat, good dance tunes at that!

Contact Information:
Post: Observe & Control, Usha 2, Tel Aviv, 69392, Israel
Phone: +972 50363583

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