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A week into April and I'm finishing this issue of Legends, while watching a blizzard outside. You tell me what the fuck is wrong with this picture…I see two things. 1) It's fucking snowing in April and I have soccer games scheduled out the wazoo and this is going to utterly screw all my schedules. I was even thinking of putting together a tournament team once I get the too-many-jobs thing covered, but that's going to wait too. I'm not doing that in blizzards maan. It's bad enough I'm a tough enough coach to make a bunch of girls play scrimmages in downpours. But I'll quit my bitching now…

So, we're closing this issue a bit early - 20 pages this month compared to issues in the 30's not long ago. But things have been very hectic and very busy for me here while I keep the two proverbial (financial) ends meeting - or at least waving from afar at one another.

Next month we have some features for you! An interview with Norwegian artist Bard Titlestaad (Future Whirl, Oberon) for starters, with cover work planned to be coming from the great Rev. Daryl Litts who has created some of our best covers in the past. There's fiction from myself as well as Sue Simpson and the first Off the Shelf column from someone other than myself. Expect reviews of the latest from Ministry, Recant, Ladytron, Arkane, The Vampire Beach Babes and more. There's a full page Parking Lot is Full special as well as Auntie's Horrorscopes.

So let me bang this fucker out and move on to other things. I have so much time, so little to do - wait, strike that, reverse it…

Peace, Love and All the Trimmings (but NOT the FAT!)…

Marcus Pan, Editor
April 8, 2003 @ 1857 EST

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