REVIEW - The Drowning Season - "Hollow"


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Goths, eh? Can't live with 'em, can't seem to be able to dispose of all of them because they keep coming back like radioactive cockroaches or a black-clad and pointy-booted Sam Raimi villian. And, for a subset of the little dears, it's always 1983 and wherever they are on the planet, as far as they're concerned, it's Leeds 6. Which, I suppose, would be a good trick if they'd managed to listen to something like The Three Johns or Hula.

Unfortunately, it would appear that The Drowning Season will have no truck with records that don't have a Merciful Release logo. (Ok, maybe they've allowed themselves to listen to Rosetta Stone, but they probably made sure they did appropriate penance like listening to Sinitta for seven hours right after.)

The thing is that we've had twenty years of musical change, mutation, discovery and progress since then. Drum-machines, for instance, don't have to sound like a metronome and a typewriter having particularly dispiriting and joyless sex.

I'd like to be able to say that this CD sounds exactly like First and Last and Always, and while it's close enough that Von E. probably has grounds to sue (or more likely, take the piss on his fine website) I really can't call it a clone. The guitarist has taken the easy way out on a lot of the twiddly bits and left out half the notes that you'd expect to be there. I suppose it's vaguely like listening to a bar-band performing Merry Thoughts covers.

Oh, I give up. The tradgoffs and the similarly cloth-eared gits for whom all electronic music is 'techno' will love this to pieces. I mean, if bands like the previously mentioned Merry Thoughts and Star Industry can still get played on goth dancefloors and tour Europe regularly on the back of this sort of thing, then I don't see that The Drowning Season are going to have much of a problem packing out clubs wherever they may roam.

Just as long as they don't roam near me.

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Post: The Drowning Season, PO Box 4778, Baltimore, MD, 21211, USA

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