REVIEW: Moon Rock - "A Day Like This"

By Mike Ventarola

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A Day Like ThisThis is the second time I've been called upon to write descriptive-type words about the fine chaps that are Moon Rock. There has been much progress since our paths last crossed. What we find are six tracks that range from minimalist techno-influenced EBM to lush and sophisticated Eurotrance-influenced dancefloor stormers. Again, it's fine stuff.

If I'm forced to point out the map of influences, then I'd begin by taking the ring-road which usefully avoids the worst excesses of European chart-trance and the Ian Van Dahl memorial trading estate and bowling green and head up the A37 towards the charming market town of Icon of Coil in an unusually reflective mood. At the roundabout there, I'd bear left toward Royksopp New Town and make careful note that while all of the singles pulled from Melody AM have required a firm kick up the jacksie to render them fit dancefloor fodder (You Remind Me is a prime example. The remix is corking futurepop and sounds not unlike Apop and Covenant playing laddy-shove games. The original is, um, weedy.). None of the tracks here (that aren't already remixes) seem to need much in the way of gingering up before you could envision the lagered (or alcopopped) lurching about to them. All of which brings us neatly to the rest-stop that overlooks the village of Erasure.

On the other hand, the remix of Everybody Everywhere sounds even more like an Amigademo, and is both remarkably eighties and bang up to date. It's probably the analogue-y brass and digital bell (probably) sounds that make it. As such, I love it dearly and will be annoying people with it on a regular basis.

The following track, Surrender manages to sound as if it's been out for a pub-crawl with a band from the UK called Spray. There are nods toward Eurotrance in the filter-sweeps, but all is well controlled and no-one makes sudden dives for the cheese rifle.

There's a definite sense of 'ploughing our own furrow here. Don't care about you people and your Beds, Homes and Ministries of Sound. We'll have none of your glowstick-waving malarkey round these parts.' This is...rather unexpectedly good.

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