REVIEW: Myles of Destruction - "Running Only Makes the Fire Worse"

By Chris Eissing

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Running Only Makes the Fire WordsSometimes things just don't work. Some ideas are just bad. Sometimes we'll never know if the idea was good or bad because it was executed so poorly. This album fails at the point of execution. Overreaching to create a dark motif through the combination of darkwave, noise and thrash with the dark elements of gypsy melody, Myles of Destruction tries too hard to capture the disturbing sensuality of La Violin Rouge.

Many might say that maybe I'm narrow-minded, or I just don't get it. From the very first song the flute and violin passages have difficulty staying in tune and in key, seemingly not even recognizing how much it sounds like the warm ups for the special Olympics pep band. It was said Paganini sharped the fourth to invoke the devil. Let things get squeaky and flat and you invoke pain and misery. Till the CDs over anyways.

The heavy reliance on arpeggiated lydian and myxolydian scales give a nice Eastern European flavor, but they are done too often for too long and are executed poorly. The abrupt jumps between noise walls and arpeggiations is not arranged well to give punch or strength.

Were this a hobbyist with a burned CD adorned with Sharpie Marker or a printout label, I'd be able to see a bit more in this. But the CD is a full-barcoded jewel case package complete with 2-color on-CD print. Money was sunk into making these CDs. Money that would have been better spent on additional tracks in the studio to get it right, time with an engineer that could actually craft this into something, time at the local music school taking lessons. For just 17 cents a day they could have fed a child in Ethiopia.

The drumming is very good and the only thing that holds this spinning vortex of musical gory death from flying apart like a Dodge Dart on bad gas. Someone along the way should have told them that this is not good stuff. Not listenable. The studio personnel who took their money to drop the tracks, club owners, parents, guidance counselors, Jesus, Buddha, someone…anyone. Probably a lot of people did. But sometimes there has to come a point where having people tell you you suck stops reinforcing musical narcissism.

To quote Alarming Echo Beats' interview with the entire band (Winter 2002):

Q: What type of musick [sic] do you consider Myles of Destruction?
TONY: Contemporary Christian for the hearing impaired.
AUDREY: easy listening
MYLES: seizure inducing music therapy and exorcism.

I want to hear what these guys can do a couple years from now. A couple years of polishing, improving. Maybe some lessons. Maybe a violin with frets. Maybe a harmonizer. The execution currently is so poor it distracts from the songs themselves so fully as to negate any possibility they could stand or fall on their own merits.

Contact Information:
Post: Myles of Destruction, PO Box 42673, Philadelphia, PA, 19101,
USA Phone: (215) 724-9169, (267) 254-0918

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