REVIEW: Spellgate - "Legends of Ardigm"

By Mike Ventarola

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Legends of ArdigmOne cannot help but champion creative individuals who are able to live their dreams. The first impression upon seeing this CD was a cross between a computer game and a fantasy novel. Since there wasn't a press kit enclosed, it became essential to go to the band's website to find a bit more information on this release.

Spellgate officially began January 1st 2002 and combines the creative forces of Darynlard , who writes and composes the music, and Dosashlia, whose aim is to be a singing narrator and enchantress for the project. Although musical fantasy style work is not a new concept, it is also not widely known. Fantasy author, Mercedes Lackey has had a number of CD's released based upon the music within her fantasy world of Valdemar. David Arkenstone is also another artist who has been found within the confines of the fantasy and new age realm with his creative work. In a similar vein, Spellgate creates a fantasy world only without the use of a novel to back it up. They cleverly draw us in to their web page with lush photos and storylines of a peaceful and magical world called Homaryn, foreshadowed with strife and rebellion as depicted in their lyrics.

Musically, these three tracks are created via synthesizer. However Darynlard makes the most of the electronic component while Dosashlia pulls out every conceivable feeling and emotion as required with the lyrical and musical content. The opening track, The Lands of Ardigm, recounts a tale about the mystical world and foreshadows the strife to come. With a well orchestrated flair that combines Medieval and Celtic sounds, it seems as though it was created for a Hollywood soundtrack. Dosashlia's vocals are warmly sweet and certainly attention grabbing.

Curse of the Malgeia leads us into an old world morality story of a magi who cast unjust spells that became his own undoing. There is a bit of a "dance" cadence here that would probably work in some clubs. It crafts elements of subtle industrial darkness interspersed with haunting medieval tones. Najaeti Star takes us to a place in time where one is being initiated into the "old ways" and we are left to ponder the continuation of potential conflict and battle that is foreshadowed in the lyrical contents. Musically, there is a bit of a mainstream dance element that was recreated to sound timeless and enduring.

For those with a penchant for fantasy novels, this is the type of work that may resonate with you rather well. Instead of resorting to utilizing the traditional and almost exclusive Medieval and Celtic influences, Darynlard makes sure to at least provide a multi-genre incorporation with the music thereby creating work that can be kept within a fantasy realm or delivered to the night revelers across the globe.

Contact Information:
Post: Spellgate, 2589 Cavendish Dr., Burlington, Ontario, L7P-4A9, Canada
Phone: (905) 335-0730

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