REVIEW: V/A - "Trinity Vol. 1"

By May Wiseman

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Trinity VOl. 1For a compilation, Trinity Vol. 1 keeps pace pervasively while hitching up a plethora of sound from some of the better bands (or songs) from the Gothic scene. The disc is product of the UK, though the bands are from everywhere, as well as product of Darkcell Digital Media. If your not familiar with DDM, it's pretty much the "Amazon" for various genres that serves up helpings of underground fare without using an MP3 format to sell its' records rather than freeboot.

NFD starts the album out with Darkness Falls which suits the techno area of this compilation well since Dead As Romance follows with Words Not To Be Spoken. The first two tracks feeding the techno fan to press on to a harder progression as the album continues. Belisha fills the third track up with The Fall Of The Evergreen, and the genre switch begins. From Belisha's track on, Trinity is supped up Goth rock with The Sins, Murder At The Registry and The Deep Eynde. If you're craving a female vocalist that doesn't sound like all the others, check out track six by The Naked And The Dead, a song called Cassandra. And a rather mellow, but powerful tune on track ten by Myssouri called Open Road is good as well.

If your not familiar with these bands, this is an excellent way to get yourself an upper hand on what their particular sound is like, I wasn't familiar with a few and found the disc quite a turn on for those few attention grabbers. It's not like DDM picked the bands best songs and slapped it on a disc to showcase - this is more of a get to know the band, or this is what the general sound is like if you choose to purchase one of their albums. Really what a compilation disc should be for the music geeks, and really what it should be for the bands - gathering a few more fans never hurts.

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