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Well there you have it for this month. Not much for the story readers, but I have some new options I’m checking out that are coming including some new fiction by Logan Russell, Lee Alverson and I’ll be perusing work by Jeff Franzman as well. In the meantime, next month’s issue will feature interviews with Razor Skyline and Ego Likeness. We’ll be talking about the latest from Low Technicians, Pihr, Thy Veils and in the Off the Shelf column I’ll discuss books by Alan Dean Foster, Elric of Melnibone and a special biographical book from Misfits frontman Myke Hideous—also of The Empire Hideous. Good news for Hideous fans—The Empire Hideous has been said to have signed with Dekonstruction Records out of Florida. Dekon is run by my man Acyd Burn—who as of a day or so ago is the newest staff writer for Legends Magazine.

We are also undertaking a new production schedule starting this month. In the hopes of increasing the proclivity of the hardcopy version of Legends, and improve it’s circulation with new store and consignment appearances, the hardcopy edition of each month will hit the streets the first week of the month. The WEB/PDF versions for online will hit the Internet the first week or so of the FOLLOWING month. To see it first, check out our new subscription packages at!

So I hope it’s been fun and it’s time for me to move on to other things. Client work, maybe a little bit of that sleep stuff, head off my producer as he tells me how I miss too many meetings. Oh the life of a starving editor is a rough one!

Catch you next month kiddies inside issue #135 of the new improved Legends Magazine!

Marcus Pan
6/25/03 @ 2038EST

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