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Evening everyone. You’re friendly neighborhood Pan here. As you can see, my producer has really gotten on my proverbial ass. The bar rises as we move ever closer to our 14th year of publication with a new look, a new design, a new layout—and a new production company. Strangely enough, your olde’ editor here actually has something akin to a “boss” running this operation. My job? Basically the way it used to be—write shit. Like the old days before I found myself getting mired in production, copying, printing and all that ‘cal that makes putting this magazine out more of a job and less of a good time. So now I’m back to the days of having a good time.

So it’s after midnight and I’m messing around with new software. The first software change for the office of Legends in something like five years. All brought on by the bulldozer methods of one mean little guy, but I’m getting used to it slowly but surely. And actually, I’m enjoying it. It’s slick software and this is going to be a huge step in Legends for the coming years. I hope everyone appreciates my hard work, unending dedication and—oh who are we kidding. I do this because of my own ego, not yours.

This month Legends brings you some serious music features. First off, Kim Mercil interviews Rogue of the Cruxshadows. We also take one of my review staff members and put him on the spot covering the current punk scene with an in-depth interview with Dave Smalley. There’s tons of reviews also—my personal favorites include the latest from Lilac Ambush, Ex Models, Nothing Inside and plenty more. No Off the Shelf column this month, but next month there’s a’plenty (I’ve been doing a lot of reading somehow, though I’m not sure how I’ve managed it) and of course Auntie PanPan’s Horrorscopes. So keep reading and I’ll keep writing and the mean one will keep producing and the staff will keep reviewing and so on and so on…

Marcus Pan
6/25/2003 @ 0106 EST

Legends Online