REVIEW: Hungry Lucy – “Glo”

By Mathias

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GloI was only familiar with Hungry Lucy from their remake of Depeche Mode's Blue Dress which I personally thought was great. Hungry Lucy is Christa Belle and War'N Harrison. Belle's voice reminds me a lot of Portishead who I am a big fan of. Glo has some great standout tracks such as Fearful, Telltale Shot and In the Circle. Full of trip-pop beats and sad but beautiful vocals and lyrics, it is a great CD to sit back and relax to while reflecting on past loves. Overall I think this first CD of the double CD Glo release is chock full of great music.

Now onto the second disc. This is my favorite part of this release. It is full of remixes by Thoushaltnot (a personal favorite), A!boforcen, NekkeiRPM and several others. This CD is great to get the dance floor moving. Heavy beats abound and this CD would fit right in with the most beat happy EBM CD's out there. Overall, if you are a fan of Portishead, Rhea's Obsession, and Collide I recommend you get this CD as soon as you can because you will not be disappointed.

Listening to it has opened some new doors for me and I'm sure I will be buying more CD's of similar music in the future. I hope you will too. I've only heard a few songs from it, but if you get the chance pick up their first release Apparitions also as they will both be valuable additions to your collection.

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Contact Information:
Post: Hungry Lucy, 169 Woodstock Dr., Fairfield, OH, 45014, USA
Phone: (513) 942-0203

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