REVIEW: The Maschine Made Flesh – “Order”

By Ray Van Horn, Jr.

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OrderThis isn't music to get the party started...this is music to burn it DOWN." So decreed by Pittsburgh area artist and musician, Jacob R. Ross. Ross has created a worthy multimedia enterprise, dogSolitude_9, to house his synthcore project, The Maschine Made Flesh, as well as a gritty graphic novel-in-progress, Subterra, which boasts more balls than even Grendel. The first installment of a three-CD concept, Order is a blazing host of electronica that hints Aphex Twin as it does Front Line Assembly, sounding like a riveting Japanimation score that is vibrant, smart and appropriately ugly at times.

Omen is a hyper-blitz jump starter with offsetting moments of organic interludes of peace, intercut by sassy synths displaying the bravado of David Bowie as interpreted through his Earthling project. Deformist is energetic, slavering grue sporting a catchy groove that flirts with Crystal Method, but spikes it with a metallic Pro Pain punch. Defective is something like Bjork meets Fluke as Ross creates a deceptively serene post of haunting syncopation that cuts the corner into a funky, foot-tapping beat, swimming upstream in his digital current that is the perfect lead-in to This Revelation, which features a daring coast along his continued grinding path of funk. The slick melody between Ross' interchanged brushstrokes is a real ear-pleaser, as Recombine suddenly shocks that ear with a calypso of voluminous ersatz that mercifully melds itself into a cohesive structure, hinting the fragments of machinery fusing into a superconductor of energy, as demonstrated by the heavy beats that run us through the abyss of Order, wondering where the next chapter in this computerized saga will take us.

Aside from the music portion of the disc is Ross' first part of his Subterra graphic novel, which Ross describes as a cross between Blade Runner and Hellraiser. A virtual e-comic book, Ross' art is stylish and arresting. Treading on the gory border of, say, the classic splatter book, Faust, Subterra makes a good counterpart to The Maschine Made Flesh, and for any fan of the genre, one would have to agree it's a shoe-in to make a run through Heavy Metal.

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Contact Information:
Post: DogSolitude9, 625 Broad St., Sewickley, PA, 15143, USA
Phone: (412) 741-1172

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