REVIEW: Resurrection Eve – “Rapture”

By Mike Ventarola

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RaptureFor those who want a really quick review, let me just say, "Wow!!!!" It has been a long time since an electronic band sent chills down my spine as this one did. As an "elder goth" who has bemoaned the encroachment of all this electro music in goth clubs, it is now important to swallow those words in the presence of this CD. The record company press release for this Australian group stated that every track was worthy of being a single, hence the naming of the project as Rapture. Initially, that seemed like overblown hyperbole to demarcate inflated grandiosity to prompt sales. I am here to tell you kids, Resurrection Eve has a sound that you will just not want to be without! I am so taken by this work that my next move after this review is written is to seek out and purchase their previous release Ancient Curse.

Take a mixture of VNV Nation, Covenant, Behind The Scenes, Neurotic Fish, Escape With Romeo, Depeche Mode, London86, Faces of Sarah and the Pet Shop Boys and you have one hell of a musically infective hybrid. Add the stunning range of lead vocalist Jordan and you have a recording begging to be a platinum seller for the independent musical underground. Jordan's heartfelt emotions pour through each lyric, captivating and hypnotizing listeners. He commands your attention and doesn't let it go until the last track has played. Railton's keyboard creations are a stellar achievement that hasn't been heard in the musical world since Giorgio Moroder and Harold Faultemeyer burst upon the dance scene over 25 years ago. VNV Nation and Covenant will have to make room at the top because with enough of a thrust, Resurrection Eve is sure to rise within the public consciousness with meteoric ferocity.

Rapture was constructed as a continuous piece of music. It travels through the many layers of "life, love, death, despair and hope." However, DJ's don't panic, as there are breaks between the songs for those wishing to put any of the tracks into club rotation. (Quite frankly, it would be insanity NOT to give any of these songs club exposure!) The artists just request that listeners hear the album in its entirety as it was meant to be heard. While the topics are not a new subject matter, their deft handling make this a highly unforgettable recording that will be on repeat play for some years to come. From the opening track If I Could to the last track Epilogue, one is guaranteed of their money’s worth with a purchase of this CD because it delivers "all that" and more!

Their live performances are said to be a well presented light and sound show. Imagining this recording in a live setting simply tantalizes the mind. Hopefully the recording company will release the live show on DVD at some point in the future. There should be some sound samples on the web site, so do seek out this band. Out of a rating of 10 out of 10, I give Resurrection Eve a 15!! Highly recommended and purchasing of this recording cannot be emphasized any more strongly. In a nutshell, it is WORTH IT!

Contact Information:
Post: Ground Under Productions, P.O. Box 246, Northcote, VIC, 3070, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9481 1652

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