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Well there you have it for this month kiddies. I thought the Ego Likeness/Trinity Project interview was excellent! I’m also glad to be finishing this up before I head off to Florida for a much needed break from...well, everything.

Next month we’ll have some more kick ass music features. A traiple shot of exclusive interviews with Collide, Unwoman and hopefully Thy Veils (I seem to have lost contact with the writer of that last one, but I’m hoping she comes through soon as she always does).

There’ll be a good deal of reviews from Mike Ventarola, Chris Eissing, JHR and even a return to the fray from Zubrovka. There’ll be a Parking Lot is Full, but no more than two as the PLIF crew has quit the comic strip and I have a few new ones that haven’t run yet—so basically I’m going to milk it. In the meantime I’ll also need to find a new comic strip so if there are any takers out there drop me a line.

In the Off the Shelf column I’ll be reviewing an old Isaac Asimov classic—The Gods Themselves. I’ll also talk about a cyberpunk classic sci-fi novel from Neal StephensonThe Diamond Age. I’ve somehow found time to finish a number of books, so even after next month’s columns run I’ll have more for the future that I just recently finished.

In September we’ll be kicking back heavy into fiction with a gothic erotica feature by myself—The Coin and The Silent Treatment Also, Sue Simpson who has just released her first novel, Better the Devil You Know (which you can of course expect in an upcoming Off the Shelf column) is finalizing her follow-up novel, People on the Edge, which has a street date for the end of this summer. She promises to return to short stories for all of you. Unkle Joz, who’s last visit in Legends was back in #127 with Birthing, just submitted a multiple chapter serial called Tracey Tears. I will be reviewing Lee Alverson’s Hacker series for possible print, and I have some new stuff that hasn’t appeared yet also such as the Serpent’s Inn and Elvrie Historia from my world of Albinor.

But indeed Legends still does feature expect exclusive interviews coming up with Distorted Reality and others on top of that. New releases from Netz, The Azoic, Distorted Reality, Recant and yet more are in the queue.

For those that haven’t yet figured out the new schedule, allow me to revisit the subject. The HARDCOPY version of Legends will appear the first week of each month which is, of course, what I always try to do. It doesn’t always work, but I try to do that anyway. Heh. The free Web and PDF versions of Legends Magazine will NOT APPEAR at the same time like it has in the past. These will hit the website near the END of the respective month. The end result being an attempt to increase the awareness, distribution and quality of the hardcopy edition which has, I’m sure you’ll agree, gone through some major improvements over the course of the past few months with much thanks going out to Mean Little Man Productions. Additionally, you can pick up Legends at our first store—Screams From the Gutter in Manville, NJ. Some book shops and clothing shops in the UK are reviewing recent issues for possible consignment and carrying as well.

Subscriptions are available of course, since I finally believe the hardcopy is worth the price! Or you can pick it up around towns as distro increases, or you can wait for the free Web/PDF versions online. The new website is set to be beta-tested in early August so if that goes well you’ll be able to order your subscriptions, back issues, advertising and more with the click of a mouse.

So that’s the latest kiddies. See you next month!

Marcus Pan
7/22/2003 @ 2301EST

Legends Online